ToDo Alaram – android app Review


fafaaFrom the people who brought you lotto number generator comes the next big thing, ToDo Alarm will help you organize and manage your day to day life through your android powered device.

This fully customizable app allows you to set the time and date of whatever you input into the easy to use app and even the type of sound you will hear once the time is up.

You also have the option of using extra features of your phone such as the flashlight to blink once the alarm starts.

The app’s main features are :

  • add a new event.
  • manage multiple events.
  • edit an existing event.
  • clean slate feature, delete all events in the press of a button.
  • will notify you even while not actively inside the app.
  • user friendly UI easy to use with a sharp crisp look to it.
  • ignore function for events that are no longer relevent to your needs.
App screenshots :



ToDo Alarm page on :

ToDo Alarm - Android Market


Developers facebook pages :

David Harush
Tal Gendelman
Lihay Kalvo



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